Searching for Elock

by Carl Kegerreis

One common thing that children would always love to do is take on crazy adventures. In fact, they can’t seem even to get enough of it. Every child loves to engage in activities that stimulate wild and extravagant ideas in their minds. However, what if all those ‘ideas’ had the possibility of coming true one day? What if you begin to notice that your dreams are becoming more and more a part of the real world?

Well, this is the right book for you, my friend. Searching for Elock by Carl Kegerreis is a sequel book that follows the adventures of a group of six middle-schoolers as they run to and fro a hidden cave in their neighborhood. The story of Tibby, Fogel, Rex, Coley, Darnell, and their caveboy friend, Teboy, along with their dog, Starber, is definitely a must-have in your children’s library!

This book is an alluring tale of how earth-dwellers infiltrate the cavemen and their King, experiencing magical creatures roaming about the very tunnels in the process.

Oh, but the list of exciting things only gets longer as the book’s central theme is profoundly a heart-warming story of friendship as the children make more and more friends as they go along the way. The great plot twist, a twist I have never anticipated, is spectacular!

The author has done marvelous work, from a chapter recapitulating significant events from the first book to the ground-breaking challenges that brought its characters into a great dilemma leading to its triumphant ending. Some say this book ought to be wonderfully meticulous to the little details of the story. Aside from this daring skillsmanship, the book portrays vivid descriptions of the people, places, and events. All the more, making the book quite an easy read for children (and adults) who love a fast-paced story and strong imagination.

This book is perfect for children who love a good challenge.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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