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Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement

by Deidra Moore

The stories of the sacrifices made by these prominent individuals whose conduct led to the freeing of the minds, bodies, and souls of enslaved Africans and their descendants were not being told as often as they should or have been, if told at all.

The Spark: The Legacy that Changed the Dance World (2nd Edition)

by Cheryl Ale

The Founding Director of RPM, Cheryl Ale has enjoyed being a professional dancer, choreographer, co¬choreographer, actress, teacher, and business woman for the past 35 years.

The Danger of Sunday Worship

by Hilton Napoleon

Discover the hidden truth about the Sabbath Day in Hilton Napoleon’s eye-opening book, “The Danger of Sunday Worship: Come out of Her My People.

Be Alone With Me: Poetry Moves Us

by Larry Golicz

Embark on a poetic journey with Larry Golicz’s Be Alone with Me: Poetry Moves Us. Explore themes of love, loss, and the essence of human experience through varied styles—free verse, sonnets, and haiku.

The Trailer, A Yogi’s Handbook

by Christopher Salomone

An easy to read handbook of spiritual teachings compiled from many years of study from almost every tradition.


by Joy Gradert

Experience the warmth of “DOWN COON HOLLOW ROAD” by Joy Gradert. A tale of friendship, family, and dreams in 1988 Missouri.


by Jerry P. Schellhammer

Jerry was born in San Francisco, California, in 1958. His family moved to Washington State in 1960 and has remained there since. 

The Miracle Before Your Eyes

by Patrick K. McAndrew

Rev. Patrick McAndrew is a man who is constantly learning about life. In his book, The Miracle Before Your Eyes, he seeks to expand our own view of what might happen to us on our journey in life.

Turning the Pages

by Alla Kaluzhny

This book is about personal experiences, memories and flashbacks of past existences that prompted the author to embrace the belief in reincarnation and conviction that we have more than one life to live.

Papers on Historical Algonquian and Iroquois Topics

by David A. Ezzo

The first paper by Ezzo called “Female Status in the Northeast” discusses the historical roles of Native women in several Algonquian groups including: the Wabanaki.

Talking it Over

by Glenn Ford

Explore the transformative journey of faith in Glenn Ford’s “Talking It Over.” Delve into the heart of spirituality through personal stories and biblical wisdom.


by Marty Tilley

Marty Tilley, with a degree in psychology and post-graduate work in communications, has spent almost twenty years adapting to a disease that is steeped in a cloak of mystery and darkness. 

A Badge, a Gun, but No God

by Hilton Napoleon

In A Badge, a Gun, but No God, he highlights problems in police departments in Black and minority communities—problems with police..

A Life of Faith

by Barbara Vinson

The book Instills in the reader an understanding of unconditional love. It will thrill the imagination with intrigue, mystery, and the possibility of murder.

The Magic of Lothloria

by Tim Matthew Marshall

A young man gifted in ways that few understand is launched into an adventure with his dear friend and neighbor Lucky…

The Journey of a Rainbow

by Minerva A. Garcia

Poetry is one of the most enticing and respected forms of literature. When done well, it can last through the ages and touch us in a way that no other art form can. Author Minerva A. Garcia pens an impressive collection of poems in her book..

The Capture of Art

by Donna Villani

The Capture of Art Instills in the reader an understanding of unconditional love. It will thrill the imagination with intrigue, mystery, and the possibility of murder.

You'll Do Anything for Him

by Maureen E. Hosier

In this breakout self-help book from Psychologist, Maureen Hosier and her sister, Berta Hosier Conger..

The Corona Virus Collaborative Diary

by Claire S. Cabot

It’s safe to say that, without a doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the course of humanity forever.

The Mars Genesis

by Uwe Jaeckel

The year was 2030. The Moon Base had just been dedicated when a transmission came through.

On The Ropes

by Neil J. Smith

The music is solid, the ring work is good, and the unfolding of events is Right On. The conclusion is perfect. Thanks.

I Wish I Had Those Gasoline Pellets

by Carl Kegerreis

The tale begins amidst the Vietnam War, wherein a young Captain of the Air Force of the United States, Oley Washington Jr…

The Spark

by Cheryl Ale

The Spark will help create a legacy dance students will never forget! The Spark: The Legacy that Changed the Dance World…

Jeannie Ann's Grandma Has Breast Cancer

by Diane Davies

Jeannie Ann is a typical six-year-old. When she learns her grandma has breast cancer, it brings up the fears, questions, emotions…

Mother Nature

by Alice Weil

Mother Nature has issued human beings various warnings over the years. She intended to wake us up with, ones that would stop us from directing the planet onto a path that, some say…

I, Too, Remember Mamma

by Susan C. McMillan

Educational, spiritual, thoughtful, and engaging. These are the qualities you can find in Advanced ESOL: Volume II Bible Lessons to Improve English Pronunciation.


by D L Davies

Rev. Patrick McAndrew is a man who is constantly learning about life. In his book, The Miracle Before Your Eyes, he seeks to expand our own view of what might happen to us on our journey in life.

Sketches of a Small Town

by Clifton K. Meador

A memoir, an absolute whirlwind of a read, at times laugh out loud hilarious and at others poignantly sad…

Of Age and Edges

by Odessa Cleveland

Of Age and Edges by Odessa Cleveland is an earnest and thought-provoking journey through life’s complexities, expressing the essence of aging, family, and the human experience.

MARGARITA: The Case of The Numbers Kidnapper

by Michele Wallace Campanelli

Penny Margarita wants to follow her dream of becoming a high school football player like her brother David.


by J. Peter Bergman

Billy and Feyhe are cousins, both creative artists, whose late friendship blossoms into a caregiver relationship when her manic-depression overwhelms her.


by Michele Wallace Campanelli

The boy “D. Jamison” trying out for the Panthers high school baseball team is secretly really a girl named Debra, the daughter of a world-famous baseball player.

Johnny and Jazzbo

by Kathryn J. Hardy

It is several months after he graduates from dental school in 1959 when Johnny Savage reads Robert Rourke’s book, Poor No More, while on Navy ship USS Glacier headed for Antarctica.

The Point of Life

by Scott Jameson Sanders

The Point of Life is the story of a young man from a small town in Kansas named Endicott “Endy” Mason.

Skeletons from a Teenager's Closet

by by Rodney Francis Foster

Explore the vibrant memories of youth in ‘Skeletons from a Teenager’s Closet’ by Rodney Francis Foster.


by Deidra R. Moore

It all started with a question: My son, Justin, age nine, is the inspiration for this book. In September 2019, after attending a trip with Holocaust survivors, Justin and his friend began conversing about the Holocaust and slavery.

An Old Lion Roars at Dementia

by J. Stewart Schneider J.D.

There is no more precious experience than a human life with all its sharp elbows and soft spots. Yet when one’s life is complete, we satisfy ourselves with a simple gravestone noting name and dates.


by Ceneca Van-Tassell Luto

The author is a National Board Certified teacher. She taught 35 years in Illinois and is currently teaching 4th grade in South Carolina. 

My Beach Adventure

by Mary Williamson

Embark on a captivating beach adventure with Mary Williamson’s “My Beach Adventure,” where a child’s imagination brings the seaside to life.

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