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that Move Readers

Our mission is to help authors’ books be noticed and sold especially those with enlightening messages. So we suggest services that are in line with the modern expectation of book

Website and Trailer

that Moves Readers

Our mission is to help authors’ books be noticed and sold... So our services keep improving and evolving in order to stand out from the competition.



Dr. McClellan

Dr. McClellan is a retired psychologist who gave advice for over 35 years to people with a variety of family issues.

Alan Montgomery

The Further Adventures of Gentleman Jack and Mister Twist: The Artful Dodger and Oliver Twist, Fifteen Tales for Christmastide

Minerva A. Garcia

The Journey of a Rainbow:
My Poetic Journal Mind Views

Hilton Napoleon

A Badge, A Gun, But No God

Dr. Wesley Arlin Brown

Coker: A Mountain Man’s Story

Jean-Pierre Piché

Most Moving Book 2022 Award: BLOOD FOR FREEDOM

Neil J. Smith

On The Ropes
A Tale of the ’60s

Scott Jameson Sanders

The Box Salesman, Call Me Cecilia, The House of Remember When

Claire S. Cabot

Literary Terrorist, Making a Killing, A Short History of Ingredients, Cooking Through History

Cheryl Ale

Successful Author and Dance Artist

Francis A. Castelli

Inspiring Author, JONAH: Beyond the Whale

Alice Weil

Pinnacle Book Achievement Awardee

Cheryl Hawkins

Hurricane Survivor and Moving Author

Melba K. Wiggins

Inspirational Speaker & Author

Patrick K. McAndrew

The Miracle, Being the way

The Great Earl Fee

Critically Acclaimed Author, 91-Year-Old Runner
and 60-Time World Record Breaker

Dana Gordon

Inspirational Author of TEAM

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